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"El Pollo Loco Corporate has enjoyed the massage services Xynergy provides at our office for over a year.  Our employees always look forward to this benefit.  We are adding yoga next month to our weekly wellness program.  Xynergy has been a great company to work with and always provides professional service.  We highly recommend Xynergy, and are pleased to offer this benefit at El Pollo Loco."   -El Pollo Loco Corporate

"Xynergy is truly amazing and such a great benefit!  From massage, to acupuncture, to hair cutting, the Xynergy staff is amazing and being able to access these wonderful amenities on-site it such a help to work-life balance.  Can’t say enough about the positive effects for myself and others from having the great support of the Xynergy programs.  Thanks for all you do!"  Taco Bell Headquarters

“We here at PacSun, have had the privilege of offering Xynergy’s services to our associates for Yoga and Boot Camp classes! Our associates really enjoy and look forward to the work week, with all the fitness activities offered by Xynergy, they are sure to get an amazing workout!  Xynergy’s instructors do an outstanding job of incorporating all fitness levels during their workout sessions, while providing positive feedback and guidance to our associates, in a friendly professional manner.  We have nothing but high praise for Xynergy and the programs they provide and we are truly pleased to be able to offer the best to our associates here at PacSun!” Pacific Sunwear, Inc.

"Xynergy has been providing exceptional service to Chapman University’s Fowler School of Law over the course of the past few years. Recently, Xynergy provided our students and staff members with massages during our annual Wellness Week event. Xynergy’s services and friendly team are always greatly appreciated on Chapman’s campus. We highly recommend Xynergy to those who are looking to implement a quality wellness program or service." Chapman University